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Chichester in Partnership Community Strategy 2016-2021


Working together to help and inspire the people and communities within Chichester District to reach their potential

It sets out Chichester in Partnership's shared vision for the districts and its residents and how it will work together to achieve the vision. The Community Strategy is the overarching strategy for improving Chichester. It is the result of detailed analysis of the district's current position, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and full consultation with all our partners. The Strategy is simply a strategic overview, as there are a range of more specific and detailed plans and strategies that sit beneath it and identify what needs to be done (for example, in terms of health or community safety) to ensure that the overall vision for Chichester can be realised.

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To realise the vision for Chichester district requires all agencies and stakeholders from all sectors of the community to come together. No one agency or service can alone achieve the vision. Chichester in Partnership has chosen to structure this strategy and the partnership around the shared national and local government priorities and cover the major challenges that face Chichester today. These priorities provide a framework for how Chichester in Partnership will respond to the major challenges and deliver the overall vision for Chichester District.

How will we deliver the strategy?

The Core group of the partnership will decide which priorities will be actioned every year and task and finish groups will be set up to deliver upon these. These task and finish groups will include relevant partner organisations that can take the work forward. These task and finish groups will develop strategies and action plans that will be approved and monitored by the Chichester in Partnership Core group. Other partnerships such as the Chichester Community Safety Partnership and the Chichester Cultural Learning Arts Partnership will also deliver on certain priorities and expected to report to the Chichester in Partnership core group on progress made. Current task and finish groups include:

  • Getting People into work

  • Tackling financial exclusion

  • Supporting people with low level mental health needs

The partnership publishes an Annual report on its work every year and this will include an action plan for the future year. This strategy alongside the annual report will be reviewed by the Chichester In Partnership core group every year.