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Chichester in Partnership draft Community Strategy


At the recent meeting of the core group a new Community Strategy for the district was approved. We are now asking partners for feedback on the drafted document before publication later in the year

At the core group meeting in June  2015 partners discussed undertaking a review of the partnership. Officers and partners felt that the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) is in need of review and it was felt that now was a good time to review the vision and the partnership's priorities.

Working together to help and inspire the people and communities within Chichester District to reach their potential

Partners agreed to complete a light touch review of the SCS. A light touch review consists of consultation with the core and wider partnership and the development of a document that would include a new vision statement but would keep the same overarching themes as the original SCS.

Though the SCS is no longer a legally standing document partners felt it was important to have a document that gave a vision of the district that partners could sign up to and drive forward. They wanted a document that celebrated the good work done in partnership but also gave a clear direction for the work of the partnership in the future

We consulted on the draft priorities at our annual conference in March and opinions were fed into the drafted document. The draft document was approved by out Core group at the end of March and we are now awaiting feedback from partners on the final version before publication. If you are a partner organisation that would like to feedback on this document please  send your comments to