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Your local provider of telecare products and services, with the only 24 hour a day call monitoring centre in West Sussex. We work in partnership with Mindme, which leads on GPS locating devices for those living with dementia.

Chichester Careline is Chichester District Council's 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year personal alarm service, that supports almost 21,000 clients - from young carers to senior citizens and for anyone who wants to live safely and independently.

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Since the service was launched in 1985, Chichester Careline has given comfort, support and advice to over 1,000,000 vulnerable people and saved thousands of lives. 

Chichester Careline is proud to work in partneship with Mindme, whose GPS locating products can be purchased all across the UK.  Mindme Locate can clip to a belt, hang around the neck, or be placed in a bag. If a person becomes lost, or disorientated, they can be located through a dedicated website by their family or Chichester Careline.  The device sends details of its location to the website every four minutes, has a battery life of 18 hours, and is the smallest GPS locating device to be launched in this country.

The devices are monitored by Chichester Careline. They are able to locate the person if they become lost - regardless of where they are in Europe (as long as there is a mobile network).

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