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Debt Awareness Week 18th-22nd January


It's that time of year where people up and down the country will be receiving their first credit card/bank statements from their Christmas spend and many will start to worry about their finances.

 According to Stepchange in the UK more than 750,000 families with children are living with severe debt problems.  By 2014, 3.2 million families were spending at least 25% of their gross monthly pay on servicing unsecured debts, the definition of problem debt according to research commissioned by the TUC and Unison. Young people, the self-employed and low-income families recorded the biggest increases in debt. Chichester in Partnership has recognised the growing debt issue and has published a "Tackling Financial Exclusion" strategy and action plan that they will deliver over the next 3 years

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Chichester in Partnership working with the National debt Charity Stepchange are supporting debt awareness week. Debt Awareness Week this year is all about encouraging people to take control of their finances again over a seven day period.

To help them through this, Stepchange's expert debt advisors have developed a free 7 Day email programme in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation that they can sign-up to and work their way through. It's free debt help delivered in an engaging way that is different to anything else out there - it's a jargon free zone.