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Tackling Financial Exclusion


According to the charity Stepchange more than 750,000 families with children in the UK are living with severe debt problems.

By 2014, 3.2 million families were spending at least 25% of their gross monthly pay on servicing unsecured debts, the definition of problem debt according to research commissioned by the TUC and Unison. Young people, the self-employed and low-income families recorded the biggest increases in debt. Chichester in Partnership has recognised the growing debt issue and has published a "Tackling Financial Exclusion" strategy and action plan that they will deliver over the next 3 years

Bills and money

The aim of the strategy is "To ensure the residents of Chichester  are able to improve and maintain their financial wellbeing and resilience by access to appropiate and timely advice and support."

The following webpages set out some of the online tools available to help with budgetting and debts as well as contact information for national and local help.