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School Breakfasts in Selsey


A Chichester-based strategic marketing agency Recenseo is delighted to announce a joint-venture with The Academy Selsey, which ensures that students most in need at the school start the day with a healthy breakfast.

The breakfast club has been developed and paid for by Recenseo and launches on Monday 12th January. It will run every morning from 8am until 8.30am as a pilot until Easter, offering cereal, fruit juice and fruit to all students - with disadvantaged students enjoying breakfast free of charge.

Selsey School Breakfast Club

According to the Healthy Children website, 8 to 12 percent of school-age children skip breakfast entirely and among adolescents this rate is higher, reaching up to 30 percent. Paediatrician Dr William Sears believes that children who eat breakfast participate more in class discussions, are better able to handle complex problems and get better grades, plus they are less prone to obesity and illness, leading to fewer sick days, which can cause children to fall behind in schoolwork.

Matt Tyman, Head of Pastoral Care at The Academy Selsey comments: "We know that slow-burning, energy releasing cereals give students the best chance of fighting off hunger, allowing them to focus on lessons. However, we also know that a large number of our students go without a breakfast, or fill up on quick-burning sugary food and crisps, which lead to a drop in energy in the middle of the morning. So when Recenseo approached us with the idea of supporting a breakfast club for our students, the offer was too good to turn down".

Ben Cooper, Managing Director of Recenseo, explains: "All our company directors carry out a voluntary role in the community and we wanted to carry this through to a company sponsorship where we felt it would impact most. We approached The Academy Selsey with our idea and together reached a highly targeted proposition to provide free, healthy school breakfasts to those most in need and therefore most likely to benefit from our support."

Recenseo's policy in developing this breakfast club is to encourage sensible eating and portion control, so that breakfast forms part of a balanced diet for students at The Academy Selsey who most need it, avoiding unnecessary food waste whilst maintaining a commitment to providing fresh produce. Recenseo worked with Chichester In Partnership to identify a local school that suited the criteria they set and they were pointed in the direction of The Academy Selsey.

The breakfast club launches at 8.00am on Monday 12th January at the Youth Wing, The Academy Selsey.


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