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Supporting Selsey residents and businesses to help themselves...


Chichester In Partnership are pleased to announce the launch of our most ambitious project yet, welcome to SelseyWorks. SelseyWorks is our second social enterprise endeavour and aims to help the residents of selsey. More details can be found in the following article

The delights of a seaside town rarely dip into the negative, but it's important to recognise the challenges they face. Not only does Selsey face the seasonality of being a tourist destination, but also of being surrounded by agriculture and horticulture. This makes jobs fairly transient for the locals and appeals fairly heavily to immigrants.

SelseyWorks Shopfront

Added to this challenge is that people like to retire to a seaside town, so if you're not working on the fields or in the tourist parks, you're often working in the care sector and not necessarily being paid to reflect the importance of the work you do.

But here's the positive side... With such restricted job opportunities, it is not surprising that there is an impressive entrepreneurial bent to many residents in the town. With nearly 500 businesses operating from Selsey including large, national companies such as Checkatrade and Oceanair, it is a hive of activity. But how can we spread that activity throughout the town?

SelseyWorks launches on 31 January and is about creating opportunity and harnessing all of this talent for the whole community of Selsey. Located visibly on the High Street, SelseyWorks will offer a range of services, courses, advice and support for families, those in work, those searching for work and for businesses wanting to grow.

The aim of this initiative is to become self-sustaining within two years and as a social enterprise, the Works will also offer commercial services including hot desks, pop-up shop space, an online shop, a local jobs board and personal and skills development training. Free of charge job centre services will also be available plus access to a host of advisors for wellbeing, benefits and business - the aim being to provide all of these tools for the people of Selsey to use to help themselves.

Initial funding for the project has been provided by the Department of Work and Pensions, West Sussex County Council's Kickstart Fund and Selsey's new homes bonus from Chichester District Council, plus launch and ongoing support is being provided by Chichester in Partnership. Another initiative we're keen to see develop into a sustainable commercial venture!

If you want to know more follow us on twitter @selseyworks , find us on facebook, call us on 01243 200975, or just pop in and see the place for yourself

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