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Targeted Support for communities - Selsey North


The partnership has set up a project that will focus the resources of partner organisations on identified "areas of need" in the district. The first pilot are for this partnership is Selsey North.

In May 2012 the Core group agreed a paper setting out support for a policy of additional targeted support for key communities. The report identified seven key areas within the district which did less well on a range of statistical measures. It was decided that Selsey North Ward should be the area for a pilot project to test the data against community perceptions and partner experience; the means of engagement with stakeholders and the community; identify any priority issues; and identify options and mechanisms to support the community.

Boats on selsey beach

It was agreed to create a Community Engagement exercise to test the perceptions of the local community against the statistical findings. A method of structured interviews was adopted, to be conducted at public events where a range of people representative of the local demography could be engaged. That exercise has been completed with:

1) 30 interviews conducted. A report on the consultation exercise is attached as appendix 2.

2) A validation exercise has been conducted whereby houses in the four roads with the greatest concentration of multiple benefit claimants were visited at random by the Community Warden. Whilst full analysis is pending the comments appear similar to the main interviews indicating family ties or location as the best thing about living in Selsey and better transport/access and activities for young people as key improvements.

3) A consultation exercise with local businesses by means of on-line and paper questionnaires was also conducted.

4) Action plan drafted for partner agreement


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