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Think family Project


The Community Safety Team at Chichester District Council have developed a Family Support project to identify and support a small number of families within Chichester District that are having a disproportionate effect on their local community and local services. The approach has been endorsed by the Chichester Community Safety Partnership.

A steering group has been set up; agencies represented on the group are Children's Services, Probation, Hydemartlet, Youth Offending Services, CDC Health and wellbeing, LSP, WSCC Youth Services, CDC Housing, WSCC Drug and Alcohol Action Team and Sussex Police. The group meet twice a year and on-going cases will be monitored and if necessary reviewed by the group to ensure the families are being given the most appropriate support available.

A pair of hands

In the past year two families have engaged with the project, unfortunately the first family decided to disengage with the project, but lessons have been learnt from this experience. The second family have engaged well and the main issues for them were lack of adequate housing and anti-social behaviour. Through joint working of agencies both issues have been dealt with and there is noticeable improvement within the family.

The project is now being developed to engage with the countywide "Think Family" expansion project. Chichester Community Safety Partnership will be the lead on this project.


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