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All Together Now!


The 'all together now' event, held last week, brought together 75 people from district, county and parish councils, local organisations and community groups, and the police and fire service.

The aim was to showcase examples of localism in action and find ways for the partnership to support the community.

Pictured R-L: Barbara Teasdale (Chichester Access Group), Kate Scales (VCACD), Sarah Empson (Selsey Time Bank), Heather Caird (Chair CIP), Duncan Barrett (WSCC), Ian Fergusson (Tillington Local Care)

"We have all heard of the 'big society' and 'localism', but it's not always clear exactly what that means," says Cllr Heather Caird, Chairman of Chichester in Partnership and Leader of Chichester District Council.

"In the current economic climate we all need to find ways to save money and continue delivering a first class service to residents and customers. One way we can do this is by working together. This event gave a great opportunity for partners to look at work they are doing and how we can work together to support local organisations and groups."

The Chichester Access Group launched their new Chichester City Access Guidebook at the event. Chairman of the Access Group, Barbara Teasdale, says: "Our guide shows visitors to the city that it is accessible to all, and will hopefully encourage more people to visit Chichester. We worked closely with the businesses and the councils in the city to produce the guide. It is a great example of localism and how it can really benefit the community."

Other speakers at the event included:

  • Selsey Timebank, where Selsey residents volunteer their time and skills to help others in the area;
  • Tillington Local Care, who help the residents of Tillington to access local health services;
  • Stephen Kane, Head of Corporate Policy at Chichester District Council, who gave an overview of what localism and the big society are; and,
  • Duncan Barrett, Community Development and Big Society Manager at West Sussex County Council, who talked about what his new team will be doing in the future.

Attendees also identified ways Chichester in Partnership could help support local communities and organisations to help themselves. The partnership's core group will now look at this information to discuss how to deliver a partnership approach to the issues. The topics discussed included:

  • being a good neighbour / fostering civic pride;
  • protecting the local environment;
  • child poverty;
  • independence in the home; and,
  • access to services.