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Chichester Access Group

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There are a number of websites that profess to provide access information for disabled people. They are frequently inaccurate. For example, if you put hospital into one well-known site, you will Woodlands Animal Hospital. If you click on Hospitals and Clinics you will find there are none. The Chichester Access Group decided to attempt the production of an Access Guide for Chichester City. We decided from the outset that we would keep the Guide simple, basic information that everyone wants to know. Can I get in and having got in can I get around. Is there an accessible toilet? Is there a hearing loop? When is it open and where can we park? We also made a decision that if a venue was not fully accessible for all, it would not be entered in the guide.

Outputs & Outcomes:

Funding was raised from Awards for All England, Chichester District Council, John Wiley & Son, and West Sussex County Council to cover production costs. Members of the Group personally audited the whole of Chichester City, doctor's surgeries, dentists, shops, restaurants and yes - even the hospitals. We numbered the car parks and linked them to each and every venue.

The Guide has already been enthusiastically received by the organisations who have seen it, and it will also be available as a downloadable pdf. You may wonder why we have produced it as a booklet when it is available on the web. Voice for Disability recently carried out a survey of their members, all of whom are disabled, and a massive 78% had no access to the Internet. Hence the need for a hard copy. We also plan to make it available on request in large print and braille.


Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council


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