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Chichester Community Car Club

The project has been initiated by the Chichester District Air Quality Action Plan. The project brings forward a broad strategy for tackling some air quality issues in Chichester which relate to transport emissions

How will the project be delivered

In 2010 we secured £25K of DEFRA Air Quality Grant monies. With this money, combined with a contribution from WSCC, it is intended to deliver a two-car community car club (CCCC). Subsequent to receiving the grant we mounted a PR campaign to recruit local volunteers who were willing to work in partnership with us towards the delivery the CCCC. The four recruited volunteers will be instrumental in informing the key decisions for the CCCC and will also regularly feedback to the other members of the community who have expressed a specific interest in the CCCC. Furthermore a survey will be carried out to ensure that the CCCC reflects the needs and desires of the community. Thus far the project is in its infancy with the first project plan suggesting delivery for June 2012.

Why a community car club?

The CCCC will deliver a two car CCCC. The cars will encourage members of both the City Centre residents and businesses to change their relationship with their cars and to buy into a different model for accessing a car for private or business use. For instance persons who only need occasional use of a car might wish to get rid of their car and only use the CCCC. It is well documented that people who act in this way are also likely to transfer other journeys to different modes such as cycling and walking. It is anticipated that the CCCC will also allow some business users to reduce car ownership and also to consider travelling to work by modes other than private car. Depending on the final business model chosen then tourists might also be able to access the cars. This might facilitate an increase in tourists arriving by travel modes such as the train.

It is intended that the club will enable the residents and businesses of Chichester to see a different model of accessing a car and thereby stimulate debate and help foster a growing sense of change. This will help in the effort to tackle a multitude of issues including, air quality, climate change, congestion, active travel and other related issues.

Outputs & Outcomes:

The CCCC will:

  • Offer those who only use their car occasionally to get rid of their car and access a car through the CCCC,
  • Challenge the prevailing culture of private car ownership,
  • Enable Chichester residents to see a different model for accessing a car for short-term use,
  • Offer local businesses the opportunity to have a car for occasional use so as to help tackle parking issues and enable City Centre employees to travel to work by mode other than their private car (as they will have access to a car),
  • Stimulate debate locally about car ownership, the real cost of owning a car and the associated air quality and carbon issues and
  • Engage relevant local groups to help ensure the success of the CCCC.

This project benefits many parts of the community. If it is successful then the CCCC should form the seed from which a larger CCCC is grown.


West Sussex County Council.

Members of the community who have expressed a specific interest.