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Sustainable Community Strategy


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The Sustainable Community Strategy for Chichester District 2009-2026

Sustainable Community Strategies are documents which, set out a shared long-term vision for an area, focusing on outcomes to be achieved. The Local Government Act 2000 places a duty on local authorities to prepare a Sustainable Community Strategy which should be developed and implemented by a Local Strategic Partnership, and engage and involve local communities.

Chichester in Partnership has written a Sustainable Community Strategy that tackles the emerging issues and challenges facing the District. This new strategy is based on updated local intelligence and consultation, and recognises the changes in national agendas. The Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the partnership's long-term vision and objectives for the district and will affect the delivery of services and facilities in the District for a number of years.

Chichester in Partnership and its thematic forums will now develop action plans for the priorities in the Sustainable Community Strategy to ensure that outcomes are delivered upon and that our long-term vision is achieved.

The Local Development Framework

The issues and priorities set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy will be reflected in the Local Development Framework Core Strategy currently being produced by Chichester District Council (which will address the spatial requirements in the District). The Core Strategy will determine the level, location and type of future development over the coming years. The Local Development Framework process considers things such as where housing and business should go, what transport links are required and other infrastructure is best located.

The Consultation

The consultation for the Sustainable Community Strategy took place in 2008. The results of this consultation can be found through the link on the right hand side and the new Sustainable Community Strategy can be found below.