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Voluntary and Community Action Chichester District


The VCACD is a local charity, working to enhance the quality of life of people in the Chichester District by promoting and supporting voluntary and community activity

VCACD have been involved with Chichester In Partnership from the very beginning and are a valued partner. Their experience with working in the community and with the voluntary sector has been extremely valuable to the partnership. Over the years they have been involved in a number of our projects including the Small Sparks Grants fund and the and Vibrant Villages Project.

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Current Projects they are involved in:

The Fundraising Hub - The hub will have a paid fundraiser which voluntary organisations can but a slice of their time to fund raise on behalf of their organisations. A team of volunteers will also be trained in fundraising .

Services they offer: 

  • Liaison with other partners 
  • Support community/ voluntary groups
  • Source of information and resources  


Voluntary Action Arun and Chichester

Tel: 01243 840305
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