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Our partners


On this page you will find information on all our main partners. Information can also be found in our partnership directory. Core group membership consists of the statutory agencies in the area as well as interested voluntary, community and business partners.

  • Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry logo

    Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) liaises with the District Council and other partnerships on behalf of businesses in and around the City, to ensure the continued economic prosperity of the area.

  • Chichester District Council Logo

    Chichester District Council

    CDC is the lead partner for the Chichester in Partnership and supply the administration and leadership for the partnership and the thematic partnerships.

  • Image of the Hyde Martlet Logo

    Hyde Martlet

    As part of the Hyde housing group Hyde Martlet is a responsible social business with strong local links. They are committed to providing homes people can afford in areas they want to live in.

  • Logo for Sussex Association of Local Councils

    Sussex Association of Local Councils (SALC)

    The Sussex [SALC] & Surrey [SCAPTC] Associations of Local Councils, represents the interests of its 311 member town and parish councils across East and West Sussex and Surrey through affiliation to the National Association of Local Councils [NALC]

  • Sussex Police Logo

    Sussex Police

    The local police that covers the whole of West and East Sussex. Their defining statement, 'Serving Sussex', means they are committed to keeping people safe (catching criminals, cutting crime and dealing with critical incidents), strong neighbourhood policing and making best use of resources.

  • University of Chichester logo

    University of Chichester

    The University of Chichester is one of the newest members of the core group of the partnership.

  • Logo for the VCACD

    Voluntary and Community Action Chichester District

    The VCACD is a local charity, working to enhance the quality of life of people in the Chichester District by promoting and supporting voluntary and community activity

  • West Sussex County Council

    West Sussex County Council

    West Sussex County Council is the top tier council in the area covering the districts of Chichester, Arun, Adur, Worthing, Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex

  • Logo for West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

    West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

    West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service works to make our community a safer place to live, work and enjoy. We do this through a combination of safety initiatives to prevent fires and accidents happening, and responding to emergencies when things do go wrong.

  • West Sussex NHS Logo

    West Sussex NHS

    NHS West Sussex helps people in West Sussex to live healthily and stay well.