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Background to Chichester in Partnership

Chichester in Partnership was originally set up as a Local Strategic Partnership(LSP). LSPs are umbrella bodies that bring together organisations from public, private, community and voluntary sectors in a local authority area.

LSPs are key to tackling deep seated, multi-faceted problems, requiring a range of responses from different bodies. Local partners working through a LSP will be expected to take many of the major decisions about priorities for their local area.

The LSP remit is aimed at working together to improve the quality of life in a particular locality. The Government see LSPs as of increasing importance for local areas- recognising that councils cannot solve many issues by themselves, but in partnership with other public sector, private sector and third sector organisations.

The Government expects the local authority to take responsibility and be accountable for ensuring that:

  • The membership and methods of consultation and engagement are balanced and inclusive
  • Difficult decisions are addressed and resolved, not just the easy ones. Those decisions should not simply represent the lowest common denominator
  • The partners properly resource and support the LSP
  • The development of a Sustainable Community Strategy

The Local Government Act 2000 places a duty on local authorities to prepare a Sustainable Community Strategy to promote and improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of their areas, and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. With the introduction of the new Local Government White Paper and the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill 2006, Local Strategic Partnerships will be the overarching partnership to bring together key themes and deliver the priorities in the Local Area Agreement and Sustainable Community Strategy.

A Local Strategic Partnership for the Chichester District was formally launched on 15th April 2002, building on a strong history of partnership working in the District. Chichester In Partnership developed its first Community Strategy in 2003 covering the period up to 2008. Subsequently a revised strategy was developed to cover the period 2006-2016 called "All Aboard". This was published in Spring 2006. Due to changes in local and national government a new Sustainable Community Strategy had to be written.The most recent Sustainable Community Strategy " Chichester - A Very Special Place" was published in 2009

The Community Strategy sets out a long-term vision for the Chichester District. The vision consists of nine themes that have been identified as priorities by the Partnership, through consultation with the Community.

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