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Search Tips

If you're not sure where to look for something you can search the entire Midhurst Town Council website for a particular word or combination of words.

1. In the top right hand corner of every page, you will find the search box

2. Type a word or phrase that describes what you are searching for

3. Click 'Go' or press the Enter key

4. This will search the entire website and Council database for records containing a reference to your keywords

5. The number of records found during a search are shown at the top of the page

To help refine your search results, try using the following tips:

  • If several words are entered they must all be present in a page for it to be returned. This is equivalent to typing AND (in capitals) between them. E.g. 'car parks' gives the same result as 'car AND parks'
  • You may separate words with OR (in capitals) if you want pages with any or either of the words. E.g. 'car OR parks'
  • Exact phrases that you want to find on the site can be placed in quotation marks. E.g. "car parks"
  • Singles and plurals of the same word may not always be found, for example you may get different results for searches on 'market' and 'markets'. If your search doesn't list what you are after you may want to try again using the single or plural version as applicable.