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Community Cohesion group


The role of the Community Cohesion Group is to design and agree a strategic plan; to deal with cohesion issues and to engage with and raise awareness of the issue with all partners.

As part of the Government's overall Community Cohesion agenda it has published the Prevent strategy which aims to help build stronger, safer communities who feel empowered to reject violent extremism in all its forms. The strategy sets out what are considered to be the 'interlocking factors' which combine to draw people into violent extremism and therefore the issues which need to addressed in communities. It stresses that multi-agency working is key to effective local delivery and that the response should be community based, specific and relevant to local needs and circumstances.

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Chichester District Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) has previously received a presentation providing an overview of the Prevent Agenda and identifying potential targets and risks to the area. In discussion it was recommended that a paper was taken to the Local Strategic Partnership to provide information about the Prevent Strategy within the wider context of Community Cohesion, and to discuss a way forward. The LSP agreed to set up a Community Cohesion Partnership with the express aim of:

  • Produce a local cohesion contingency plan that clearly sets out the roles, responsibilities and processes to be activated in the event of increased risk being identified.
  •  To approve a local tension monitoring framework able to identify the risk of increased tension and trigger activation of the contingency plan and to meet regularly to monitor tension levels


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