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Structure of the Partnership

The LSP structure is made up of four elements as illustrated in the Structure diagram. The Core group, the Wider LSP, Thematic forums the project groups.

 The Core Group

A small group of strategic people, that discusses and act upon the strategic issues that affect the district and partners use to consult with if there is any major policy change. The group meets 4 times a year but where necessary can be consulted with via email. It is also the responsibility of the Core group to consult, develop and deliver the Sustainable Community strategy for the district. The leader of the District Council is the chair for the whole partnership.

 The Wider Network

The Wider Network consists of numerous different organisations, including community groups, statutory partners and the parish councils. These contacts will receive information from the partnership and can be used as consultation contacts. They are all invited to twice yearly events that the partnership holds on relevant issues that are affecting the district. Partners have said that they highly value coming together in events like this in order to network, put faces to names, and discuss wider issues, which may affect their organisations, areas and clients.

 Thematic Partnerships/ Task & Finish groups

There are currently 3 thematic partnerships: Healthier Chichester Partnership, Community Safety Partnership and the Chichester Arts and Heritage Partnership. These deliver on action plans developed with the relevant partners and report on progress to the CIP Core group. They will deliver on projects that the CIP Core group requests of them. The Core group will also set up Task and Finish groups to deliver on projects where necessary